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Kutch, India: Minhaj Youth League organizes presentation on the Quranic Encyclopedia

by Minhaj

Minhaj Youth League , Kutch team under the supervision of MQII organized
Quranic encyclopedia presentation on 31st March at Town Hall Bhuj, Kutch.

The event started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an and praise of Almighty
Allah and His Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).Saiyed Anwarshah anchored the
event in his unique style quoting verses about the vastness of knowledge hidden
in the Holy Qur’an and cited poetry of Allama Iqbal which mention that the
success of Ummah lies in studying the Holy Qur’an with understanding.

Renowned intellectual Sameer Siddiqui gave keynote address at the launching
cermony. He mentioned that Islamic concept of knowledge is not confined only to
religious or spiritual knowledge but that it encompasses the entire scientific,
modern and secular knowledge along with religous sciences. The Islamic history
bears testimony to it that, laying the foundation of scientific knowledge, the
Muslim scientists carried out the Prophetic injunction.

He mentioned that the Quranic encyclopedia was the need of our time and
stressed that the coming generations need to be taught this book along with
their schooling, so that we produce more scientists from our community who are
firm in their faith and also well grounded in academics.

He explained with examples how the modern inventions and events unfolding
today were foretold fourteen centuries before by our Beloved Prophet (peace be
upon him) and said that Qur’an beforehand informs about the problems that would
be faced by humanity alongwith its solutions.

Prominent members who attended the event were Janab Saiyed Nad e Ali (MQII
Chairman),Janab Shoeb Malik (Gen Secretary , MQII) ,Janab Yaqub Soni  (MQII
Kutch) , Rafiq Soni  (MQII Kutch), Maulana Ali Muhammad  (MQII
Maharashtra) and Minhaj teams from Bhuj , Mandvi , Mundra,Gandhidham,Anjar,
Nakhatrana , Naliya , Lakadiya, Samkhiali, Bhachau talukas of Kutch. Audience
also included members of different schools of thought  ( Sunni , Shia ,
Deobandi, Ghair Muqallid , Bohra ,etc.) , media personeel and Non Muslim

The Urdu Quranic Encyclopedia was launched in the presence of audience and
members were requested to book orders for the English version which would be
launched soon.

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