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Time travel, Parallel universes and Al-Isra wa al-Meeraj

by Minhaj

We will soon show them Our signs all around the world and in their own selves, until it dawns on them that indeed this is the truth. ►{Sura Fussilat : Chapter 41 : Verse 53}

Communities have always held some notion of unseen realms regardless of religion or culture. However , we are living in a special time, wherein the secrets of the Cosmos are being continuously unveiled before us. Almighty Allah is showing His signs to non-believers through their research into the nature of the universe , as a means of bringing them to an acceptance of the message of Islam as the truth. Based on research and mathematical calculations, the modern science is seriously discussing the possible existence of multiple universes. These universes are the unseen realms that exist outside, or alongside the physical reality we experience.

The multiverse model is a source of debate within the scientific community and has its antagonists as well as its supporters. Among the supporters of the multiverse hypothesis we find well-known scientists like: *Stephen Hawking, Steven Weinberg, Brian Greene, Alan Guth and Michio Kaku. The multiverse theory mentions that there are parallel and alternate universes;  all operating at different frequencies. Only one of them is this physical world that we call “our universe”. Today , many physicists believe that we are a carp swimming in our tiny pool , blissfully unaware of invisible , unseen universes hovering just above us in hyperspace. Although these higher dimensions are invisible their “ripples” can clearly be seen and felt. {Michio , Hyperspace and a Theory of everything}

There is a new understanding derived from string theory that black holes are not voids but actually connections to other parts of the universe {referred to as parallel universes}.

Religion and the belief of Hidden dimensions

The existence of multiple universes has been the subject of not only physics, but also of religion and mysticism.

Throughout centuries, true religious scriptures have informed human beings that there exists a multitude of dimensions that are hidden to our physical senses. The physical world is perceived through five senses , while everything else is hidden from our sense of perception. The hidden dimensions of both man and universe are much vaster and richer than their physical dimension; and that the higher the dimension the more important and real it becomes and it becomes capable of influencing the dimensions beneath it.

The Holy Qur’an mentions the following:
He plans and executes (the Command and Control System) from the heavens to the earth. Then His Command ascends (and will ascend to completion) towards Him in one Day which measures one thousand years according to (the number) that you count.►{Surat as-Sajda Chapter 32 :Verse 5}

“And they ask you to and Allah shall never fail in His promise, and undoubtedly, there is with your Lord such a day like a thousand years in your reckoning.”► { Surat al-Hajj Chapter 22 : Verse 47}

It is obvious that these immense vibrant worlds that constitute the Unseen, although interpenetrating the material dimension, are in no way of the same substance , but differ from it in such an essential manner that they never be captured using material technology. Now in the instances when the unseen realities manifest in the material world , they take on the qualities of the material world. When they assume these qualities to the full, they become perceptible to the senses. When they assume them partly , then they can only be seen or heard by those who are spiritually qualified. Muslims believe that powerful spirits such as Prophets(AS) and saints are not only able to perceive subtle dimensions(unseen) , but also to render those around them able to perceive them under certain circumstances.

The more the soul is enlightened with the love, worship and remembrance of Allah , the more likely it is to penetrate the veils of the hidden dimensions and perceive some of their realities. Knowledge of subtle dimensions is necessary to understand many passages of the Qur’an, Ahadith and the utterances and events in the life of Awliya.

The Amazing Journey of Al-Isra Wal Mi’raj

 During the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), many people from the Quraish (among them were also some new Muslims) immediately began to ridicule and doubt the authenticity of the message of the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam) when he began to talk about the existence of another dimension, in other words, the  paradise, the hell, the angels, etc. This spiraling degree of cynicism only increased after the Prophet  (Sallalahu alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam) made people aware of his  ‘ Isra Wal Miraj'(Night journey from Mecca  to Jerusalem, then to the heavens and beyond). A journey to Palestine from Mecca usually took months to complete through treacherous terrains and hostile environments, and traveling to Jerusalem over night was a feat that was simply unimaginable in the minds of most Arabs at that time. 

On the Night of Ascension , when fully awake, the Prophet(peace be upon him) met the previous Prophets(AS) : those who had passed away in this world and were living the life of spirits in the Intermediary world. He saw them clearly and was later able to describe them.

He recounted how in the course of that journey he had seen Prophet Moses(AS)  standing up in prayer in his grave at the red hill.►{Sahih Muslim,Kitab Al-Fadail,Hadith #2375}

He also saw the great angel Malik , guardian of Hell, and the Dajjal, who is yet to appear in this world at the end of time.

According to Ibn Abbas(Radiyallahu Anhu), who specifically stated that it had been a waking vision and not a dream, the Prophet(peace be upon him) had been shown the Dajjal in his actual form.►{Ahmad Musnad, Hadith #3365; Abu Yala Musnad Hadith #2659}

He also saw during his Ascension (Mi’raj) the punishments of many kinds of sinners in Hell , which is a matter that will only come about after the Day of Judgment.

It is interesting to note that , now with the degree of scientific advancement, something like the Isra Wal Mi’raj  is absolutely possible.

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