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3000 copies of Irfan ul Quran sent to Ghana

by Minhaj

3000 copies of Irfan ul Quran sent by MQI India reached institutes in Ghana Alhamdulillah

As per the request received by MQII India in 2019, 2000 Irfan ul Quran copies were sent to Ghana, and these copies were distributed to different schools and madrasas in Ghana in a well-organized way.
Due to the large Muslim population in the country, Shaykh Esa Ahmed Charitable Trust, Accra (Central Ghana), requested Minhaj ul Quran India that they needed 3000 more copies for further distribution.
Complying with the request, MQI India and MIWF ran a fundraising campaign for one month and raised the required funds. After a successful fundraising campaign, the copies of English translations of the Irfan ul Quran were printed by Minhaj Publications in India and sent via Nhava Sheva port (Mumbai) to Ghana. Shaykh Esa and his students in Ghana expressed gratitude to MQII India for the precious gift of Quranic translation.

They sent a detailed report on the distribution of copies to various Institutes of learning across Ghana. As per the report, the distribution happened in

Irshadiya Islamic School (Nana Krom) -500 copies

Saad Bin Abi Waqas  School (Kasoa) – 500 copies

Balku Islamic School-500 copies

Ansaruddin Islamic School (Kasoa)- 600 copies

Musab Bin Umayr School (Newlegon -Acra)- 600 copies

Wale Islamic School (Wale) -10 copies

Individuals (Accra )- 200 copies

May Allah SWT accept our efforts, intentions, and donations in this regard and make it a Sawab-e-Jariya…Aameen!

Video Recording after recieving the Irfan ul Quran copies, https://www.facebook.com/mylintindia/videos/591911862625779

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