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Kannada Translation Book Launch Event in Bengaluru

by Minhaj

Kannada Translation Launch Event of the book “A Real sketch of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)” held in Bengaluru on 25th November 2023

The Kannada translation launch event of the book “A Real sketch of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)” by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri was held at KMDC Bhawan, Bengaluru on 25th November bringing together a diverse audience to witness the unveiling of the translated work. 
The Kannada translation aimed to make the life of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) accessible to a broader Kannada speaking audience. The translation holds significant cultural and religious implications, serving as a bridge between communities in Karnataka. By translating the life of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), the organizers aimed to promote interfaith understanding and inclusivity.

Speaking at the occasion, Shri Shivrudra swamy said that, Ideas in Qur’an and Hadith should reach the minds of all. He stated that we talk wonderfully about the Qur’an and the Hadith. However, it should be observed whether the elements in it are in practice in our life. He further said that it is commendable that a book on teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been published in Kannada for the first time by Minhaj ul Quran International India (Karnataka). Highlighting the meaning of Islam, he said that Islam means peace but many have been led astray in  this day and age. There are instances where our religious consciousness is being used in a different way and violence and  cruelty are increasing. If everyone does introspection as taught by the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) then there is definitely a solution to all these problems. He stated the translation of Real sketch book titled “Naj Chitrana” in Kannada is a commendable work and appealed the audience to study and reflect on it.
Abdul Azim, chairman of the State Minorities Commission, who participated as the chief guest in the ceremony, said that mistrust between religions is increasing in the country due to communication gap and translations of religious books will help in bridging this gap. When religious books are studied meaningfully, we will understand the ideas contained in them, he said. Also, Abdul Azim said that he is writing a book on the meaning(in Urdu, English and Kannada) of about 2,000 often repeated Quran Arabic words to promote the true understanding of Quran. He expressed happiness on the felicitation of medical and engineering students by MQII and stressed that students also should opt for administrative services like IAS, IPS etc.
The event witnessed the participation of  Rafeeq Ahmed Khan (MIWF President), Zubair Ahmed (MIWF VP), Saiyed Nade Ali (Chairman Minhaj Publications), the translators (Qaisar Jahan, Amanullah Khan) and translation reviewer (Moulana Mustafa Kamal), MQII religious scholars (Maulana Zulfiqar,Qari Samiulla,Mufti Muhammad Ali), Minhaj ul Qur’an International India, Karnataka President Syed Faraz Muhiuddin, Executive President Faizullah Baig Junedi, General Secretary Ayyub Ansari, MQII Members (Usman Sharif, Muneer Ahmad Jami, Ateeq Ahmed md Shafiuddin, Parvez Ali Khan, Muhammad Mustafa, Tamim Ahmed), Mohsin Karajagi (Member SC and Director Islam For Kids India) government officials, and esteemed guests. Notable attendees included Abdul Azeem(Chairman State minorities commission) and Shri Shivrudra Swamy of Belimatha.
The local community responded positively to the translation launch, with expressions of appreciation and support from religious leaders, scholars, and the general public.  The successful launch of the translated Seerah work opens doors for future initiatives that promote linguistic diversity and cultural harmony. It sets a precedent for similar projects that aim to make religious texts accessible to a wider audience.

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