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Minhaj Youth League INDIA : Milad 2018 Activities Report

by Minhaj

To highlight the merciful and compassionate nature of teachings of our Beloved
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Minhaj Youth League India volunteers participated
in various educational and welfare activities across India in the blessed month.

A short summary of the events done in the month of Rabi ul Awwal at various places
is being given below.

Ijtema’at for Remembering The Beloved (Peace Be Upon Him)

Projector speeches of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri related to
the exalted rank of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were shown in public places
in and in-house gatherings in various cities. Grand Ijtemaat were also organized
by city committees, some of which are being highlighted below:

Muhammad (peace be upon him) : The Merciful conference at KGF, Karnataka

A grand conference entitled Muhammad: The Merciful was organized by MYL Karnataka
team under the chairmanship of Dr. Muhammad Bukhari Moidu at Moidu Palace Masjid
e Aqsa, KGF and was attended by scholars from various schools of thought. On the
occasion ,a book titled Birth of the Light to spread Delight which has been co-authored
by MYL member Salman Fazil was inaugurated and hundreds of copies were distributed.


A grand event was organised by Secunderabad Minhaj Youth League team under
the patronage of Hayatullah Qadri and was attended by a big audience.


Alhamdulillah a grand Mahfil-e-Hamd o Naat was organized by Mysore Team at
Milad Bagh, Mysore.


In order to inculcate love and respect for Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)
among the children at a young age, Naat competition was organized at Minhaj
National school, Bhiwandi and winners were awarded by the school management.


In a Quranic verse, Almighty Allah clearly tells mankind that Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) was sent as a model for mankind to follow and the success in
this life and the hereafter depends on following him.

In truth, in (the sacred person of) Allah’s Messenger (blessings and peace
be upon him) there is for you a most perfect and beautiful model (of life) for every
such person that expects and aspires to (meeting) Allah and the Last Day and remembers
Allah abundantly.►(Surah Al-Ahzab Chapter 33, Verse 21)

It is obvious that one should amply know the detailed Seerah of Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) to make it a pathway to follow. It is necessary to follow Prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon him) according to the order of Allah and it is not possible
to follow him without knowing his seerah. The purpose of Seerah Quiz is to highlight
the importance and the need of Seerah(biography), to ease its study and to raise
consciousness towards it. At the same time, it is also intended to mention the highly
important dates and incidents related to the Seerah, which are very important for
every Muslim to remember. The question bank of Seerah is given to students one week
prior to the exam and Seerat Quiz exam is conducted based on it.

Minhaj Youth League in collaboration with Abul Fida Education and Research Centre
and Ummeed Welfare foundation conducted Seerah Quiz at:

  • Maharashtra college, Mumbai Central
  • Anjuman e Islam school(Vashi, Andheri, Mumbai Central branches)
  • Thane Municipal School
  • Rosary school, Mumbra
  • Toddler school, Mumbra
  • Fatima High school, Thane
  • Al-Hussaini school, Solapur
  • Ideal school, Solapur
  • rdu High school, Umarga (Osmanabad district)
  • National school, Solapur
  • Progressive school, Solapur
  • Shama school, Solapur
  • Qamarunnissa school, Solapur
  • Maulana Azad primary and high school Dalimb Tq.Omerga Dist.Osmanabad
  • DR.zakir Hussain School Murum Tq. omerga Dist.Osmanabad
  • Urdu Highschool, Naldurg, Usmanabad district

and many more…

More than 3000 students attempted the Quiz at these schools/colleges Alhamdulillah.

The Book Stall


As part of its Mawlid Street Dawah Project , Minhaj Youth League India printed
more than 26,000 informational pamphlets which contained information on various
aspects of Islam and life of our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) and these
pamphlets were sent across to volunteers of different cities across India. The
volunteers went out at public places and distributed it amongst Muslims and
Non-Muslims. The short and concise content was appreciated by the readers.

Sweets, food items and roses were also distributed as a token of gratitude at the occasion of Mawlid.


MYLI Volunteers from from various cities participated in Milad processions
holding placards highlighting the peaceful teachings of Prophet Muhammad(peace
be upon him) and also setup stalls with books about Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him).


Blood donation camp was organized by MYL Kutch Team.

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