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Protecting the Imaan of Children in the Digital age

by Minhaj

The minor signs of the Day of Judgement exist with us today. In one of them, the Holy Prophetﷺ said that one of the signs of the coming of the Day of Judgement would be that indecency and immorality would become commonplace. Holy Prophetﷺ foretold that the fitna will enter the household of each and every person.

The doorway to infidelity, immorality and indecency in our age  is the contemporary television, internet and social media. People nowadays don’t have the inclination to restrict their viewing to decent programmes, such as religious broadcasts, news and documentaries. More so for children, placing them in front of the television, computer or cell phone without supervision is a recipe for disaster. Like in old times, there is no need to go out of the home to be drawn into a fitna; thanks to the television, internet and social media, these fitan are now accessible to us in the comfort and safety of our homes and are available widely on the internet. Today’s children are switched on; for them there is no distinction between the online and offline world. Many children are smart when it comes to technology, often more so than parents. However, they are not emotionally or intellectually ready to handle the negative aspects of the digital age. The good or bad suhbah(company) is now accessible to them in the online world at the click of a mouse or in their social media feeds. They are constantly learning from this suhbah. 

Parents should ask themselves why their children do not use the internet in the living room in front of them. These ‘traditional parents’ for the most part are totally oblivious of what is going on and are ignorant of the world they live in. Many of these children make a fool of their parents and these parents are complicit in the destruction of their children by not providing right guidance and company to them. These heedless parents always consider other peoples’ children as being affected by evil; they never sit down to think that maybe their own children are led astray from the straight path. This frame of mind is destructive, and such parents have no idea how their children are shredding their Islamic identity and consciousness to pieces. It is our duty to bring such matters to the fore, because not doing so would risk incurring the displeasure of Almighty Allah.

There are two simultaneous paths which we can take :the first is the path of fighting these fitnas and exerting a non-violent struggle against them; and the other is to fall prey to them by partaking in these fitnas. The latter is the path leading to al-Dajjal(the False Messiah).It is the duty of all Muslims to exert full effort in resisting these fitnas. Resisting these fitnas is to safeguard one’s faith(Iman),conduct and religion; this is the path of Holy Prophetﷺ and Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi(AS).
There is a need to monitor the online activity of children and to supervise their viewership and online associations on social media. They need to be connected to the righteous scholars of the Ummah(both online and offline) ,and they need to be made aware of evil effects of bad company on social media.

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