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MQII organises workers convention for MWL

by Minhaj

Minhaj ul Quran International India organized a Workers convention for Minhaj women league volunteers on 26th March,2022. The conference was attended by gatherings of women volunteers who had gathered to listen to it in Minhaj centers and halls in different parts of India. The MWL gatherings were held in cities belonging to the states of Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Manipur, UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kutch, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala,etc.
Zubair Ahmed(CEC member) anchored the event.

Dr. Gazala Hasan Qadri gave the keynote speech to the gathering.
She mentioned that: “The mission of MQII was established for revival of Deen in the 1st year of 14th century AH. The purpose of organizations that work for revival of Deen is to reinforce the message of Islam according to the requirements of the century. MQII laid its stress on Interfaith and Intrafaith harmony since its inception. The revival of Islam was not possible without involvement of women , hence MWL was established by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri to revive the role of women which had been forgotten in Deeni circles. The aim of MWL is to create awareness and give modern tools to improve the society and spread the message of Islam. If we look at the situation of society forty years ago, the religious circles had almost no presence of women and on the other hand secular movements which talked about women rights  had completely forgotten the teachings of Islam. Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri helped to restore the rights of women that were given by Islam and provided them with representation in religious circles.

The Quran mentions righteous men and women in the same verse and the role they can play in improving society. If we study the Seerah we find that Sahabiyat were active members of society and even participated in Ghazwat. The Quran orders the Ummah to invite people to good and stop people from evil. This order of giving Dawah is not for specific groups of people or for the religious scholars but for the entire Ummah and it includes the women. The Quran mentions that the best in speech is the one who invites others to Deen. This verse points to the importance of giving Dawah. Its important for propogaters of religion to save their tongue from backbiting and evil talk in order to be effective representatives of Islam. In our age of globalization ,individual efforts can’t produce the desired effect in spreading good and preventing the society from evil. There is a need for collective efforts and strategy. If we take example from the life of Holy Prophet(peace be upon him) we find that in city of Makkah – individual effort  and one to one Dawah was given for 13 years and handful of people converted to Islam. But in the next 10 years when collective efforts were done as part of welfare state of Madina, the outcome was that more than 1,25,000 Sahaba(RA) were present in the khutba of Hajjatal wida. This was the result of collective effort and strategy.
Almighty Allah mentions in Surah Al-Asr that the human being is in a state of loss except those who adopt faith and give dawah of Haqq to each other. Becoming part of righteous group/organization is among our duties. We will be asked by Allah about the time that was given to us and the company we adopted.

In every prayer , we recite Surah Fatiha and ask for Sirat ul-Mustaqeem as the path of righteous. The leadership of the organization that we become part of, is important as it gives direction and vision to its followers. Quran mentions that on the day of Judgement ,people will be called by the  names of their leaders. MWL has the desired leadership in the personality of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri who has devoted his entire life for the service of Deen.  He is the Mujaddid of our century and we are fortunate to live in his age and learn from him directly.

The challenge of our times is that we are living in an age where despite of advanced communication , there is growing intolerance among people of various sects and religions. Even within the homes and families ,there is disunity and lack of acceptance. We are fortunate to have the platform of MQII which gave us the culture of tolerance. MQII has brought people of different sects and religions together and has given the culture of working together for betterment of humanity in spite of differences.

It’s important for MWL that they should assess the target group in the areas where they are operating and design programs for women.

They can conduct programs based on Islamic months. For example – in the holy month of Ramadan, programs can be conducted for Dars e Quran, Tafseer of Quran, Irfan ul Hidayah, etc. In Rabiul awwal, Meelad gatherings can be organized. In Muharram, programs on Ahlul Bayt can be arranged. If there are Aalimas available in their areas then gatherings of knowledge can be arranged for women and children.

Halaqat e Durud is the easiest way to get connected and can be done everywhere where MWL is having its presence.
Prophet(peace be upon him) mentioned in a hadith that Almighty Allah remembers the believer in the same way as the believer remembers Allah. If the believer remembers Allah in a group  , Allah mentions the believer in front of group of angels. Hence its important to establish Halaqat of Zikr.

In the end she made dua for acceptance of works being done by MWL.

Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri gave concluding speech in the conference. He said that Holy Qur’an mentions that there should a group amongst you that should command the society to do good and forbid evil. This verse points that there should be a religious group or organization working towards good in every age to command good to the society and guide people in becoming better human beings. MWL has been formed as per the above commandment.

He stressed the point that until there is collectivity in work it cannot produce desired results.

He stated that MQII functions like a government with each state having state coordination bodies and state heads for each vertical like Halaqat e Durood, Publications, Education, Welfare, Youth League, Women League etc. CEC is an umbrella body which governs the functioning of SCC’s.

He said that following MQII leadership guidelines and constitution is the key for success of this mission.
In the end he made dua for all the MWL units working for the mission.

Some images from the convention gathering of different locations…

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