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Wiladate Moula Ali and book release in Dhandhuka Gujarat

by Minhaj

MQII Gujarat celebrated wiladate Moula Ali (A S) and Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz (R A) in Dhandhuka town of Gujarat State at a location near Dargah Sharif of Sar Mubarak Hazrat Bukhari (R A).

Gujarati version of book “Real Sketch of Muhammad (peace be upon him) written by Allama Shaykhul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahirul Qadri was released on this occasion.

Dignitaries that attended the event and released the book consisted of Saiyed HasanAli NadeAli (Minhaj Publication India), Saiyed Rahat Hussain (Khadim e dargah Gareeb Nawaz), Siddiq Shah Bapu (Petlad), Peer e Tariqat Saiyed Babban Miyan Chishti, Sufi Hasnain Shah Bapu (Khankha e Abu Ulayi), Saiyed Attar Bapu, Saiyed Muhammad Raza Bukhari, Saiyed Chotu Miyan Bukhari, Ahmed Hussain (Pesh Imam Jumma Masjid Dhandhuka), Saiyed Bachu Miyan Bapu, Imtiyaz Bapu (Khadim e Dargah Sar Mubarak), Raisuddin Kazi (President Minhaj-ul-Quran International India Gujarat), Bukhari Saadat from Dhandhuka.

Program started with Tilawate Quraan e Paak, Naat Sharif and Manqabat followed by book release ceremony.

Two recorded bayan (lectures) of Shaykhul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahirul Qadri were then played on multiple LED screens throughout the venue. Lectures were in honor of Moula Ali (karamAllahu wajahu kareem) and Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz (radiAllahu anhu) celebrating the days of wiladat of these two prominent personalities of Islam.

A huge crowd gathered and attended the event which was concluded with dua by Saiyed NadeAli.

Some images from the successful event…

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