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India: Cultural & recreation exhibition held

by Minhaj

Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation (Kolkata) organized a cultural exhibition
for women and children. The event was held at The Muslim Institute, Mohsin Square
and featured a number of stalls that projected the local culture and had stuff to
interest the incoming guests with regard to arrival of spring.

The items that were put on the stalls for ladies included fancy dresses, bangles,
mehndi, headscarf, and different foods. There were many things of interest to the
children. Kid stalls were particularly put up on the occasion. The children took
keen interest in them and had great fun.

A large number of people, more than 1500 to be exact, visited the event, which
was held purely for recreational purposes. They not only enjoyed but also did shopping
for their families. The proceeds from the programme went to welfare activities.

The team at Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation made a great effort in making
this event a huge success. The local community applauded the initiative and thanked
the organizers for bringing the community together.

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