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India: MYLI conducts Al-Hidayah Training Camp for students

by Minhaj

Islamic Summer Training program was conducted by Minhaj Youth League team in
11 locations and it received overwhelming response Alhamdulillah. The summer camp
focused on building a stronger relationship of the students with Quran & Sunnah
and training them on various aspects of Islam, Iman and Ihsan. The main objective
of the program was to provide students with knowledge that is both a religious duty
for each Muslim to learn (fard ‘ayn) and immediately applicable in their life. There
were also guest lectures on various general topics to make the sessions interesting
for students.

The age limit for students was 5-14 years and about 441 students got benefited
from this program.

City Total Number of students
Mumbai, Maharashtra 82
Hyderabad, Telangana 45
Bengaluru, Karnataka 43
Mysuru, Karnataka(3 locations) 117
Shivapur (Near Pune), Maharashtra 37
Umaria, Madhya Pradesh 56
Mandvi (Kutch) 23
Nanded (Maharashtra) 22
Bhiwandi 16
Total 441

The books that were taught in the Syllabus included :

  • Minhaj Islamic Syllabus for students
  • Islam and Modern Science
  • Aao Deen Seekhein/ Nisab e Tarbiyat, etc.
  • Students were given certificates on the completion of course.

Subjects covered included: Essential Islamic beliefs, fiqh of prayer and fasting,
spiritual purification, Islamic virtue, ethics, and much more.

Some pics from the summer camps of various locations is being shared below:

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