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MIWF conducted Interfaith Eid Milan event in New Delhi

by Minhaj

An interfaith Eid Milan event was held at Le’Elegant Function Hall in New Delhi on 15th May, 2022

Hon’ble Member of Parliament and famous Sufi singer, Padma Shri HANS RAJ HANS JI was invited as Chief Guest. He spoke on peace and brotherhood and unity among all religions and appreciated the MLRC initiative of the promotion of interfaith through our newly launched department of interfaith and commended the organizing team for the success of the program.

The enlightening address was followed by the other eminent speakers who expressed their views on unity and love in their speech.

Swami Sushil Ji Maharaj expressed his happiness after meeting all the other speakers mainly Referring to and expressing his elation and appreciation of the large gamut of faith leaders. He especially referred to Hans Raj Hans ji and his role in building unity among the religion.

Haji Salman Chishti highlighted the importance of unity among people when they visit Ajmer dargah and how the people help and support each other in the formation of an ideal pluralistic society. Haji Salman Chishti went on to substantiate his points by quoting Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Moinuddin Chishti (R.A): “Sun like Grace, River like Generosity and Earth-like Hospitality”
This message of Harmony, Peace, and Unity among all Creations has been amplified by the Minhaj Learning & Research Centre (MLRC) and Minhaj Interfaith & Welfare Foundation through the Interfaith Eid Milan evening and the inauguration of the Inter-Faith Studies Department in New Delhi.

Father (DR) M.D. Thomas thanked the MLRC and MIWF (Minhaj Interfaith Welfare Foundation) for inviting him and for organizing a great event which he viewed as a gigantic task in these challenging times in the country. He said the great concept of Interfaith Studies enriched him as an academic discipline at MLRC. Using lofty poetry and words of wisdom, he prayed to God for universal brotherhood and showed great hope for the MLRC to bridge the gap between different communities in India. MLRC will reach great success in strengthening interfaith harmony in India which will ultimately help in nation-building, Father Thomas said. He concluded his address by urging people to stand together to eliminate all the ills of communal hatred and social divisiveness.

Dr. Ziauddin (MIWF India – CWC Member) highlighted the work being done by MIWF since its inception and mentioned that such gatherings are important to maintain the social fabric of our society.
Paramjit Singh Chandhokji (Advisor of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara) mentioned the activities of Gurudwara which are being carried out without any discrimination for the welfare of humanity and commended the work being carried out by MIWF.

IAS Coach and motivational speaker Sameer Siddiqui highlighted the impact of social media in spreading hatred in society and said that our youth should make judicious use of it.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Rafeeq Ahmed Khan(MIWF President) who thanked all the speakers, organizers, and the audience for making the event successful.

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